SMS Express App For Android

Exclusive & free to SMS Express customers

Send to your phone's Contacts from the app via our SMS platform. This allows you to change the Sender ID plus use the of both worlds!

play store sms express app

Install on your Android

Create Groups, schedule text messages to go later, send from your Company name. (iphone version due mid-2018)

Very easy to use

The app is very clean and simple to use. You can create Groups from your Contacts and create and save templates for re-use.

Best of both worlds

The app uses our robust cloud platform to process and send SMS. You have the option of using the cloud platform.

Simple to use

Login using your SMS Express credentials. You'll notice the clean interface of the main screen. Also your credit balance is dsplayed bottom right. If you're running low, you'll need to login to the cloud platform to purchase credits via Online Payments.

sms express app

Select Your Groups or Single Contacts

Quickly tap the select your Groups or Single Contacts to send SMS to. You can also create Groups and edit these if necessary. Note: The app does not sync with the cloud platform Groups.

Now for your SMS masterpiece!

This is your main screen where you type your message. You can add a custom SenderID so it comes from your business name, insert or create a template on the fly. You have 160 characters in your text message. Then PREVIEW.


Preview your SMS, then...

If all looks good, you can SEND NOW or schedule for a future date and time. Or Edit. Note that all ooutbound and scheduled messages can be viewed in your SMS Express online account.

3 Quick Steps To Use The App!

STEP 1: Register On Our Platform

Setup an account via SMS Express Cloud Platform and buy credits. Note for all new accounts we will add in 10 free trial credits AFTER we verify your credentials.

Step 2: Download & install app

Download the free app on your ANDROID phone via GooglePlayStore

STEP 3: Open the app and login

Open the app on your phone, log in with your Username and Password, and you're away!

IMPORTANT: The SMS Express platform is only available for Australia & New Zealand. If you are from outside Australia, please contact us to apply for an international account.


Why do I need to register for an SMS Express account?

To customise a SenderID, you need to do this via an SMS gateway (like our cloud platform). You may use the app 100% of the time, but you always have the option of logging into the cloud platform to send longer SMS, setup birthday messages, or view reporting. NOTE that Groups on the app do not sync with the cloud or vice versa.

How long can my text messages be?

160 characters inc spaces. For longer SMS use your cloud account instead where you can send up to 459 characters (3 joined SMS messages). NOTE: the platform does not handle Unicode. We hope to fix this soon.

How can I tell if my SMS' have gone out?

The app does not have reporting, but your cloud account DOES. Login here

How do I cancel a scheduled SMS?

You can do this in your cloud account. Our Parent site's HELP section has instructions here.

How many characters can I use for a custom SenderID?

11 characters including spaces

If I use my Biz name as a SenderID, can I get replies?

No, as the receiver has no number to reply to. If you want replies back to your phone use your MOBILE NUMBER as the SenderID. If you leave SenderID blank your SMS will come 'from' one of our 2 shared numbers.

Why don't you have an iPhone app?

Android is vastly easier to work with, but we are working on this. Email us if you want to know when it's ready.

How much does it cost me?

The app is free but SMS is not. For Aus & NZ pricing click here to view on our Parent site. For outside Aus or NZ you must apply for an international account, so please contact us. International pricing is normally in Euros.

How do I buy credits?

Via your cloud account Login here and go to Online Payments. We use Paypal to process Mastercard or VISA. For other options please contact us. In the future we will add an instant BUY button into the app.

Do you do customisations of the app?

Absolutely. Email us your wish list and we can quote you

I am not in Australia. What other products or services do you have for SMS?

Check out:
Send SMS from Excel spreadsheet using Twilio or Nexmo -
Auto Forward SMS to another mobile or email address. For Android only -

Get SMS Express app on your Android phone now.

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