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iPhone android free bulk sms express app

The SMS Express smart phone app is a stripped-down version of our bulk SMS sending platform at SMS Express Control Panel .

Please note, it does not have the full functionality of the website platform, so if you have large multiple broadcasts, or need to personalise or merge, or just want the space of a PC screen, we highly recommend using the full website platform and NOT using this app, as you will find it limiting.
This iPhone and Android bulk SMS app was developed to cater for our customers who prefer using the contacts on their mobile phone rather than logging into the full website. So if you don't need the bells and maracas on the website platform, then the smart phone app should suit you just fine.

To get started:

  • Create an account via SMS Express cloud platform's Control Panel (opens in a new window)

  • To purchase credits, LOG IN in to your Control Panel account, go to Online Payments and buy what you need - there is no minimum order

  • Please note, if you are a new customer, there may be a short once-only delay while we verify your account. This is to protect you from fraudsters. We take security very seriously so we appreciate your understanding while we quickly check your details, so please ensure your contact details are correct in case we need to call you. In a hurry? Call 1300 668 287 if you need help.

There are more tips further down the page

For detailed instructions please view our how-to video...

Instructional Video

Please note the following:

  • The app is free of charge for SMS Express customers.

  • You can only SMS Australian numbers.

  • App can send maximum 160 characters

  • Occasionally the app can be a little slower than the cloud platform, and can take up to 60 seconds to send an SMS

  • This app uses your login details and available credits, but does not have access to your Groups (lists) in your cloud account (if you have one). It will only access the contacts on your phone handset.

  • You can use your own mobile number as the SenderID and get replies back on your handset. Or you can create a word SenderID (11 characters max). Note that customising the SenderID bypasses your cloud account so replies cannot be viewed online in your Replies inbox.

  • If you send from this app, you should be able to view SENT and REPLIES via your cloud account via SMS Express Control Panel , which you can login to via a browser.

  • You can also have REPLIES FORWARDED TO YOUR EMAIL FREE. Any REPLIES you get from your SMS will be forwarded to your email (except if you change the Sender ID) Please see instructions in our Help Centre here (bottom of page)

  • Always make sure you have an optout in your message if appropriate under the Spam Act 2003, and remove people who unsubscribe from your Contacts, so you cannot SMS them again by mistake (we don't want you breaching the Spam Act!).

  • At this stage you cannot purchase credits directly from the app. You will need to visit the main SMS EXPRESS Control Panel and login to purchase credits or call us on 1300 668 287. We hope to offer direct PayPal credit purchases from the app in the next version.

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